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Digitalizing any physical stores. Buy cryptocurrency using fiat, bank card, mobile wallet or Pundi XPASS.

Earn money

Merchant Cost Savings by owning and never leasing XPOS. Generate A positive Revenue Stream for Every Transaction processed on XPOS

Top-up supported

Use fiat to buy cryptocurrency top-ups at any Pundi X locations, top-ups are easily loaded into any wallet.



Settlement options in Cash or Crypto

The capacities

0.5 per second processing speeds and 200,000 transaction per second


Our XPOS Ecosystem Caters to your Business


You are a merchant and have a point of sale.


Just contact us to make an appointment.


We take care of the installation, configuration and training of your users.


Your business accepts and sells cryptocurrency.

Customizable Settlement Solutions Available for every retail environment


XWallet is the mobile application that allows you to manage your funds in cryptocurrency. Thanks to this application, it is possible to pay directly on the XPOS and associate its XPASS.

Secure application

The mobile application is secure and updated very often.

Fast & Reliable

Transactions made on the XPOS are ULTRA FAST (<0.005s)

QR Code

You can also pay with the QR code present in the app.

Daily Rewards

You can get bonuses every day by logging into the app.

BTCKING is a member of RSPA

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